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Sublets: Three Rooms, Two Roommates, One Big Problem.

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Makin' Tracks

Caitlin met Paul while working on a film for the NYC 48 Hour Film Project last summer. Somehow, amidst the mad rush to the finish line that exhausting weekend, the conversation of Sublets came upMonths later, we reached out to Paul about lending a hand with music for the series, and it was clear from that first official meeting that Paul was our man. He is whip smart, as musically adept as they come, and the kindest, most enthusiastic guy on earth. Paul works at lightning speed, literally adjusting and perfecting original compositions mid-meeting; he straddles the oft-unmanageable fence of confidence and humility with ease; he comes with ideas (lots of them), opinions and encouragement every time we meet; he is prolific, hilarious & way cooler than we could ever hope to be. Did we forget to mention he is also a Muay Thai fighter?? We are so much better off having Paul on our team...and so much more likely to be thought of as hip... SCOPE PAUL'S GROUP Punskription HERE AND HERE!  They are, as Paul would say, "SO DOPE!!"

Paul Payabyab-Cruz is a musician native to Queens, New York. He learned music on the drums but has since changed mediums and now uses a QWERTY keyboard. He has replaced nine keyboards to date due to his inability to mentally separate the drums and his computer. In between that transition, Paul established himself as a conscious hip-hop MC. As 1/3 of the group Negative Death, he promotes topics that range from internal struggles to societal madness. 

Growing up Paul listened to a wide range of music, but Paul hasn't listened to the The War On Drugs because it reminds him too much of Ronald Reagan. Paul does, however, thoroughly enjoy the Killer Mike song "Reagan."

Outside of music Paul enjoys hanging out with his life-partner, the art of Muay Thai, taking digital photos, collecting notebooks, buying headphones, reading comics, eating (yes, eating) bubble tea, and a jazz band that plays every morning at the Grand Central 42nd street stop. He does not eat meat because cows remind him of inkblot tests, eggs are unnaturally smooth, and he cries anytime he sees an octopus being eaten alive.

thank you for being here. thank you for the support. thank you for sharing.