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Sublets: Three Rooms, Two Roommates, One Big Problem.

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Make it Werq!

To say that Sarah Maiorino works quickly would be a massive understatement. She is one of the most efficient, decisive and self-motivated people on earth. When we hired Sarah to costume Sublets, a huge burden was lifted, for she immediately sprung into action, single-handedly creating looks and personally dressing each character in our wacky world. We realized very quickly that landing someone who self-governs and organizes the way she does, was, in the words of our producer, Sam, a "big win." This costume maven is smart, speedy, self-sufficient and somehow always still has time for a good laugh. But even more impressive--a brief read-thru of the scripts was all it took for her to seamlessly jump onto our creative wavelength. Characters we had been dreaming about for a year were analyzed, understood, and clothed by Sarah in a matter of a few days. Costuming this series was no easy task--at one point, during our shoot for Episode 2, Sarah and Kathy (our Wardrobe Supervisor) orchestrated about 80 costume changes in a 3 hour period at the end of our longest day of shooting--but Sarah handled every curveball with grace and a snappy witticism. 


Sarah Maiorino began designing for theatre, finding her way into film and television via a stint touring the world with the Blue Man Group. She designed costumes for It Felt Like Love (Sundance 2013), about which Variety said "Spot-on costume and accessory design by Sarah Maiorino telegraphs reams of information about the characters while feeling completely natural." Other credits include The Saints Tour (NYC River to River Festival 2012) ; The Confines (LA Film Festival 2015) ; Desiree Akhavan’s Appropriate Behavior (Sundance 2014) ; My First Kiss and the People Involved; Black Mountain Songs (BAM’s 2014 Next Wave Festival); A Woman a Part ; ABC Live! with Kelly & Michael’s Annual Halloween Specials 2013- 2015; and commercial work for clients including Samsung, Comcast, Western Union, Hilton and Tiffany & Co. She is currently shooting the feature film Easy Living starring Caroline Dhavernas.

All hail our ART DIRECTOR!

We had some LONG days on the Sublets shoot, but our days were nothing in comparison to Marianne's. She was on set before we got there in the morning and after we left at night. If she got more than three hours of sleep a night, I'll eat my hat. She was responsible for maintaining design consistency from episode to episode, which is made much more difficult when you are jumping back and forth. The big discovery here is that although in life it seems like a clean apartment is the most difficult upkeep, in film a messy apartment is a far more difficult task. From sublet to sublet, the mess would vary slightly and Marianne would keep track of every pair of chopsticks, every empty beer can, every strategically strewn item of clothing. This gal worked like a maniac. She was always on her feet and always had a smile on her face.  


Marianne Abbott is a Guatemalan filmmaker, writer and photographer. Marianne is a recent graduate of Brown University where she studied in the Department of Modern Culture and Media, graduating with honors, a Weston Award for excellence in filmmaking and a Kenneth Baker Memorial Prize for an outstanding thesis project. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. 

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