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From the Cutting Room...

Cory has been with us from the very beginning. He carefully and brilliantly spliced together our initial pilot for the show from reams of scattered footage. Although we were new to the process and had given him very little to work with, somehow he managed to cut and paste his way to a delightful and seamless pilot. Watching this man work is an absolute joy. Fingers flying across the keyboard ocean of shortcuts, dragging and dropping takes faster than we can even articulate what we envision, syncing our wild gesticulations to match from one shot to the next, his mastery of editing is a sight to behold. And beyond his vast wealth of knowledge and expertise, Cory is endlessly patient. He allows us to be curious filmmakers, questioning each moment, pondering alternatives, going down one road for hours and then abruptly deciding it was better the way it was. Cory has managed to make post-production feel as collaborative and thrilling as being on set.

My freshman year at Keene State, I’m in a double with another guy, named Cory. Even spelled the same way, and most spell it with the E. Right away he and I are on different planes. He comes from a very quiet, reserved family in Vermont. Two of the first things he tells me is that he never had a TV until he was a teenager and his sister likes to connect knives (ok!). But we’re both film production majors and we at least have that in common.

He developed (or always had, not sure) this habit of not turning his alarm off went it would sound in the morning. He would simply roll over and try to ignore it. WTF! Seriously, he would put his pillow over his head and try to pretend that it’s not going off. And there I am, on the bottom bunk, just staring up like, dude, shut it off. Now this didn’t happen every day, but it did happen a number of times. Most of the time I was getting up around the same time anyway, I’m an only child, this is my first roommate in my life ever, so I’m trying to be cool and not start a conflict. But the last time it happened is when it caught me in a bad way one morning. It went off and as soon as he rolled over I just shouted up, “Dude TURN THAT FUCKING THING OFF NOW!”. A grumble, it went off, and it never happened again.

Then my buddies and I took that story, and wrote it into our short film Losers that we made our senior year as our ode to life and times at college. The moment and memory live forever, for better or worse!
— CS

Cory is an editor, as well as producer, writer and director, residing in New York City. Originally from New Hampshire and a graduate of Keene State College, Cory has worked on a range of different projects, including features, shorts, web series and any random skit a buddy of his wants to shoot. Just out of college he directed a feature film, Mother's Day and most recently can be seen starring(!) in Jef Needs Ice Cream, a short created with some of his closest friends and collaborators (and fellow KSC grads).

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