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Sublets: Three Rooms, Two Roommates, One Big Problem.

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"Art is a lie..."

"Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.” Pablo Picasso

Dolan was lucky enough to stumble upon the work of Andre Mauro somewhat accidentally. During a night of post-dinner-shift, employee bonding Dolan found himself at the pad of his co-workers and friends, Tania and Andre. While working with Tania, he had always heard that her boyfriend Andre was an artist. Little did he know, the answer to one of the biggest questions of the upcoming series: "What kind of artist is Tess, and how are we going to create her art?" would become clear the instant he stepped inside their place. First he noticed several bright abstracts on the walls, then a stack of canvases leaning against one wall, then another stack hiding behind a closet door!  "We have a whole storage container of Andre's art," Tania explained as Dolan gaped.  There were faces, nudes, sketches, works-in-progress and an easel covered in layers upon layers of paint. The cache of art was colorful, spontaneous, and so immense he felt like Aladdin walking into the cave of wonders, surrounded by riches he could not have imagined. In a flash it hit him: the ability to fill the Sublets set with a real collection of works from a singular artist would provide an honesty and an identity for Tess--her work reflecting the real artistic struggle to find inspiration and challenge oneself on a regular basis. Additionally it would be an honor and a privilege to help share such awesome work with the world. Dolan knew that Andre could be the master behind Tess' brush and the next day Dolan frantically called Caitlin and explained that THEY HAD TO CONVINCE ANDRE TO BE THE ARTIST BEHIND SUBLETS.

Luckily for Sublets Andre is a diamond in the rough and a super nice guy who was thrilled to collaborate!  After a celebratory drink to future mutual success we got to work determining what we needed from Andre and he got to work. We had notions of what we wanted the end result to be for the big gala episode, and sent him a list of specific ideas and stipulations, however, when it came down to it, we realized that putting limitations on an artist, especially one as interpretive and creative as Andre, was serving no one. Ultimately we released him from the constraints of our "idea" and allowed him to provide us with the painting that he felt represented him as an artist. The result was amazing. This brilliant guy was responsible for virtually every piece of art you see in Will & Tess' apartment, not to mention the very paint-splattered, authentic easel and brushes. We have no doubt that Andre is going places. His singular and emotive style is unapologetic, vibrant and honest. We cannot wait to ogle his work in museums someday. But 'til then, check him out at!

My worst apartment situation was when I lived in Cincinnati, OH. It was a 3-story house, my first apartment, as I was about to start community college. Most of the people who lived there were recovering drug addicts and it was just a depressing part of town, but the rent was dirt cheap. No one ever stayed for too long and I’m pretty sure I only endured a year—it’s one of those places I never think about.

The one upside was this guy on the first floor though, who had his whole room decked out, and was heavily into Buddhism. I’m glad I got to meet him. He used to travel to impoverished places in the world, and help them through whatever means as a freelancer or something. He was awesome.

In my last NYC apartment, I also dealt with giant cockroaches. One landed on me while I was asleep... and I don’t think i’ll ever be okay with that.
— AM

Andre Mauro moved to New York about 5 years ago to pursue an acting career, working in restaurants to make ends meet. Originally born in New York City, he had always known that he would come back. He soon grew tired of struggling to become an actor and put it on hold. About 3 years ago his former co-worker, and future wife, Tania, who had seen some sketches he had done and really liked them, helped him find his place in art. Tania has been his main source of feedback and inspiration since, along with his mother who is an artist and painter herself who inspired Andre at an early age. 

All hail our ART DIRECTOR!

We had some LONG days on the Sublets shoot, but our days were nothing in comparison to Marianne's. She was on set before we got there in the morning and after we left at night. If she got more than three hours of sleep a night, I'll eat my hat. She was responsible for maintaining design consistency from episode to episode, which is made much more difficult when you are jumping back and forth. The big discovery here is that although in life it seems like a clean apartment is the most difficult upkeep, in film a messy apartment is a far more difficult task. From sublet to sublet, the mess would vary slightly and Marianne would keep track of every pair of chopsticks, every empty beer can, every strategically strewn item of clothing. This gal worked like a maniac. She was always on her feet and always had a smile on her face.  


Marianne Abbott is a Guatemalan filmmaker, writer and photographer. Marianne is a recent graduate of Brown University where she studied in the Department of Modern Culture and Media, graduating with honors, a Weston Award for excellence in filmmaking and a Kenneth Baker Memorial Prize for an outstanding thesis project. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. 

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