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Sublets: Three Rooms, Two Roommates, One Big Problem.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Gene is a dream. He is patient, smart and so very kind. This hard-working dude was a one-man department, 100% in charge of the sound quality of our series. Amidst the insanity of shooting he would calmly tape and re-tape our mic-cords, apologize for ripping off Dolan's modest chest hair (despite Dol's insistence the red mark was a 'badge of honor'), hide behind doors, stand on chairs, practically levitate above a scene to get his boom out of the shot. On episode 2, in particular, you will witness the brilliance and determination required from this man to mic the sublet Kevin. Kevin, played by the delightful Dustin Clodfelter, wears very little at times but our perseverant Eugene always found a way to capture whatever came out of his mouth regardless of costume (or lack thereof).  Gene was always focused and task oriented on set so it was great fun to whisper sweet nothings into our mics, only audible to Gene, and catch him grinning across the room. Talk about an inside joke! 

My main man Mike is my hero today, but he lived like a wild animal when we were roommates. I caught him using the toilet as a mop bucket. When his brother lived with us, I’d quite often find a perfect, hershey kiss droplet of poo on the bathroom floor. While drawing a bath, he got distracted and flooded the half the apartment.
— EK

Eugene Kim says:

I love breakfast burritos. 

I'm from the Bay Area. 

I wish for courtesy police on the subway. 

I record and edit sound.

thank you for being here. thank you for the support. thank you for sharing.