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WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! (...a month ago)

A little over a month ago, Dolan and I were in the trenches. We were sleeping very little, trying to juggle approx. 70,000 balls, putting out myriad fires, cramming words into our heads, consuming tons of caffeine, calling in ALL of our favors, and praying we would make our days. It is truly hard to believe in hindsight that we were able to accomplish what we set out to accomplish in the time frame that we had decided we would accomplish said accomplishments. There were moments of sheer panic, moments of elation, and many, many moments of compromise.

Over the past few weeks, I've been asked by friends and family how filming went? And how did I feel about everything? And WHEN will we be able to see it??! I haltingly reply, "Great!" and, "It went well!" and, "That's a good question!" The process of post-production is long and arduous. From editing, to mixing, to color-correction, to scoring, this is a multi-step endeavor that takes a great deal of meticulousness and patience. But rest assured that it is very much underway, and you will be the first to know when we are ready for the big release!

When I attempt to describe filming, I find myself unable to adequately articulate what the experience was like. My memories of those 9 days are shrouded in a dream-like haze (possibly because I was incredibly sleep-deprived), where people and characters and victories and crises blur together into a psychedelic wash of color. Never in my life (excluding perhaps my summer at Williamstown) has so much been required of me with such urgency and import in the name of art. For those of you who know me, it is no great revelation that I am incredibly indecisive, but during the shoot, where every hour of work over the past 2 years, every dollar painstakingly earned, every professional devoting their energy and expertise culminated to these 9 precious days, I was making decisions with such assurance and determination I could have been confused with Jed Bartlett.

Somehow the universe managed to send the right combination of people and personalities our way. Our tigress of a director, Tricia Brouk, taught me what it means to fervently fight for what you believe while graciously welcoming the opinions of others. Our cool-as-a-cucumber DP, Patrick Ginnetty, who, despite the crazy demands being placed on him, did his work with absolute tranquility and composure. Our tireless Wardrobe and Art Department who stayed after the rest of us went home and arrived before the rest of us came in every single day. Our on-set Associate Producer and our UPM who ran the tightest ship imaginable and somehow made an impractical shoot feasible. 

In a mere two weeks, I feel like I digested a year's worth of film school curriculum (ala Kobayashi) and aged 10 years. I was challenged to assert and redefine myself. I was made to kill my darlings. I was told, "There's no way we're going to be able to film all this," and yet somehow we did. And now I'm hooked. There's no going back for me. I have dined at the table of autonomy, and nothing else will ever taste as good. 

I truly cannot wait to show you all the delightfully delicious fruits of our labor. #YURM #otterbein

thank you for being here. thank you for the support. thank you for sharing.