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Sublets: Three Rooms, Two Roommates, One Big Problem.

Ghost Tiger!

If you have watched our trailer, then you have experienced the brilliance that is Ghost Tiger! (Their catchy tune "Science Camp" provides the underscoring.) Finding this musical gem was a totally serendipitous, New York City moment: Dolan met one of the band members, Kevin Evans, at his day job and they struck up a conversation about their respective pursuits. Dolan exchanged info with Kevin and decided to listen to their tunes to see if they would be right for Sublets. Lo and behold...the perfect song. Here's some backstory on this amazing group:

Hailing from Santa Barbara, Ca., Ghost Tiger was formed in 2011 out of songstress Alixandra Macmillan-Fiedel’s quest to expand her sound. The Santa Barbara Independent named the group the Best New Area Band in 2011 and 2012. After releasing their 7” Birdfeeder in 2013, the band kept busy honing their live set sharing the stage with acts such as White Buffalo, Gardens & Villa, SISU, Pickwick, and Radiation City, to name a few. 

Some Friends Feel Like Family, released in January of 2015, marks the band's first EP, which centers around Macmillan-Fiedel’s heartfelt songwriting and guitarist Chris Norlinger’s lush guitar soundscapes. The two have been racking up long hours in the studio working on new material for their debut full 
length album.

"It’s the sort of music that alternates between moving you and getting you moving within the first 10 seconds. Accessible & repetitive bass and drum mixes with top-brained treble that comes at you quick and doesn’t let go. Add to it crystal clear vocals and instantly identifiable lyrics and Ghost Tiger will have you humming along by the second refrain." 
-Andy Strong, I Heart SF Bands

I asked Alixandra what it is that she seeks to create and she responded, “I want to make the kind of music that comes from an honest place and that excites me. I feel as though I’m constantly learning and growing as a writer, and at the heart of it all I hope to make music that moves and touches people." AMEN, sista! These guys are top notch and deserve a listen outside the realm of Sublets. Check out their website: and give their EP a listen!


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