Moving out. Moving in. Never moving forward.

Sublets: Three Rooms, Two Roommates, One Big Problem.

It's all coming together

What a journey it has been!  Our trailer for the pilot is up as of last night, and the share-fest begins NOW!  Please give our trailer a share, on twitter, facebook, your blog, through an email to a friend, or in case of emergency write "" on the nearest persons hand! (In sharpie, preferably.)  

That being said, with all the work that went into this episode it would be easy to take a moment, breathe, and relax.  Instead I find myself in the starting blocks, cued up for the marathon that begins essentially in this very moment.  Next up comes planning a Pilot Premier party/Kickstarter launch party.  Raising the money to film our first season, and filming it all before I move out of the apartment seen in the pilot come June!  IT'S A MARATHON, PEOPLE. But it's going to be a fun one! Let me remind you as I remind myself:

  • Building a website was not my goal.
  • A trailer was not my goal.
  • Even a pilot episode was not my goal. 

Putting together the first season of Sublets remains my goal. 

That being said, just because we have not achieved our long goal does not mean I refuse to acknowledge our accomplishments.  Building a website is an accomplishment. A trailer is an accomplishment. A pilot is a HUGE accomplishment.  With each I get closer and closer to completing what I set out to do.  And I find myself overflowing with thanks to so many people. I have only been able to get this far because of the work of others along the way. I have to recognize all the hard work DONATED by everyone involved with Sublets.  -I'm a poor broke actor, people, and had no monetary means to pay anyone to make this happen. And yet, it did. So to everyone involved, THANK YOU SO MUCH.  I'm so excited to keep this ball rolling, cause this is the tip of the iceberg.  

The course is set: time to run the race. 


thank you for being here. thank you for the support. thank you for sharing.