Moving out. Moving in. Never moving forward.

Sublets: Three Rooms, Two Roommates, One Big Problem.

Mr. Write

The day that Dolan, in a move of utter genius and inspiration, contacted Sean Murphy about helping us write our series was indeed a game changing day. Suddenly, with Sean onboard, everything felt more possible (and more ridiculously fun) than we could have imagined. This brilliant dude absorbed the world of Sublets instantaneously, diving into the wacky, wonderful idiosyncrasies of the characters with verve and motivation. Sean's voice quickly became the anchor for our project and is doubtlessly the reason that our Pilot garnered the kind of praise and interest that it did. Throughout the process, time and time again, we found that the strength of the script was what hooked the heavyweights, and Sean is to thank for that. To say this guy has a gift would be a gross trivialization. He works at the speed of lightning. He fabricates the rhythm of a scene with a percussionist's precision. He has seemingly endless reserves of gut-busting dialogue just waiting to be tapped into. (We would have marathon writing meetings where Sean generated enough jokes to carry a sitcom through a 22-episode season.) He is a virtuoso. Honestly, we're just grateful that we get to work with him now, before he gets hella famous and way too expensive:)

So I lived in a small nice place in Washington Heights when I first moved to the city. As is common, we would still get a bit of the old tenants mail, so I knew her name to be Erica. One night, Erica showed up with a fella, and the two of them were pleasantly wasted, and she started banging on our door. Our conversation through the peephole went like this:
’Let us in!’
’Who is this?’
’It’s Erica. I live here.’
’Um, no. No I live here. Which is why I’m inside the apartment and you are not.’
This continued on for a indecent amount of time until the drunk fella finally chimed in with:
’Erica. Maybe...maybe you don’t live here.’
And with that. They left. She showed up 3 more times after that.
— SM

Sean Murphy is New York based Actor/Writer, originally from Dallas, TX. His play, The Starterwon the FringeFavorite award at the 2015 New York Fringe Festival. Sean is a graduate of Otterbein University, where he received his B.F.A. in Acting. Alongside Sublets, Sean is workshopping The Philmore, to be premiered early next year. He could not be more excited to be working on this hilarious project.

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